Virtual Sports

Sports betting has gained great popularity and moved to a new level. Now it is possible to observe not only popular sporting events, but also their digital counterparts. This can be done using virtual sports software from FINUNION. You do not need to contact third parties to implement and provide unique content to your customers, but you can directly use our virtual sports software.

Popular of sports

Football & penalites

the maximum interval between matches is three minutes. More than 40 betting markets are available, there are about 500 matches per day.

Horse racing

you can bet on six Horses per event. An important aspect is racing with 3D visualization


or this type of competition, the characteristics of dogs from real races were collected and transferred to a digital format, which makes the event realisticc.

Car racing

more than 500 races are held per day. Virtual races are superior to real racing competitions; artificial intelligence eliminates the human factor at check-in. This type of competition is more honest, since there are no “agreements” in it, which attracts new customers


a player can choose up to six cyclists per race


360 matches per day, the interval between events is 4 minutes

The main advantage of software for virtual sports is the lack of expectation of certain events in real sports.

Great graphics to watch your favorite sports in HD and Full HD

Using a single payment gateway

Over 20,000 sporting events per month

Possibility of real-time reporting

There are mobile, web and land based solutions.

Marketing tools that will attract the necessary audience to your business

Integration APIs that significantly expand FINUNION's portfolio, partners have access to games that our providers offering

The choice of high-quality software for virtual sports will be the key to a successful business