Landbased solution

FINUNION developing and selling software for casinos, poker rooms and bookmakers. This software is suitable not only for online website, but also for those who made investment in land based business. Software for land based Sports Betting is designed to attract a new audience and increase liquidity. Such software is suitable for all types of betshops.

Benefits Of Software For Ground-Based Bookmakers From FINUNION

The most important thing in software is its quality, in this matter everything is done at the highest level. In addition to software, we offer special equipment that is easy to connect to a computer or TV, and which contains everything you need to start the work in the Sports Betting.

Using software for land-based bookmakers, operators themselves can determine the many game factors of their betshops. They themselves choose events, sports, competitive odds.

What sports are available when using software for betting shops

Operators who purchase this software will have access to a very large number of different sports, here you can find standard sports games such as football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, etc. It is also possible to bet on e-sports and virtual sports.

Land based solutions for Sports Betting has a number of read solutions for betshops, such as:

Cashier program for faculty

Such programs are used in many land-based bookmakers. It provides an opportunity to make bets, work with reports and carry out transactions, you can also register customers. The program has a very convenient intuitive interface and is very easy to use.

Self-service terminal

The terminal is compatible with almost any equipment. It presents a large number of language packs, and a wide variety of currencies. It is possible to make a prepayment by card and direct entry.

Betshop terminal

This application is installed on all client computers in the betshops. Using it, visitors can log in using the player’s card and place bets.