Betting API

FINUNION is engaged in the development and sale of software for betting shops. One of the important aspects of such software is Betting API. This feature can greatly simplify the life of operators and make bets more convenient for users.

What is an API for?

The acronym API stands for “application programming interface”. In simple terms, the API is the instructions and programming standards that are needed to access network software. This feature is used in many areas related to computer programs, including gambling. Modern API development helps enterprises quickly connect to third-party partners or applications.

Increasing the efficiency and providing additional services for the aggregation of betting shops, as well as providing endless opportunities in terms of player experience, has now become possible thanks to API for betting and modular platform architecture.

Benefits of Using the Betting API

There are two main advantages of using this software:
  • Speed

Thanks to the API for betting, the speed of placing bids significantly increases when compared using the website. For many players, it is very important that the coefficient update rate is as high as possible, especially if bets are placed in real time.

  • Automation

Another factor many players rely on when choosing a place to place bets is the ability to use the tools for bets in automatic mode. The API processes a large amount of data on ratios, liquidity, current account and allows you to place bets automatically.